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  • I graduated from the University of Memphis from the Department of Earth Sciences with a concentration in Geology. In 2019, I was the recipient of the Chi Beta Phi Science Excellence in Geology Award, the Geological Society of America Minority Student Scholarship Award and recipient of the Geological Society of America Field Camp Scholar Award. My geology background was forged by field experiences where I measured the stratigraphic section of Black Hills in South Dakota and collected and identified samples of Precambrian granite, pegmatite, and metamorphic rock. I’ve also conducted hydrological projects measuring dissolved oxygen, nitrate and phosphate content. This project also incorporated measuring discharge of Spearfish Creek using a current velocity meter and recording the depth, width, and velocity of the stream. I have collaborated on various geological mapping projects in Black Hills, South Dakota, Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming and Pryor Mountains, Montana. In the future, I plan to use my education and experience to provide classes and programs that will pique the interests of minority youth in urban environments, where they may often not have access to these resources.