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  • I earned my Bachelor of Science in Earth Science in December 2019 from Northeastern Illinois University. I plan to attend graduate school within the next 5-10 years, but, before I do so, I’d like to gain experience through field-related work in order to determine what I want to specialize in. My Mosaics in Science internship in 2018 opened my eyes to the variety of important tasks the National Park Service and other land management agencies perform to preserve and showcase public lands and resources. During the MIS internship, I developed a knowledge for determining the structures and geochronology in a karst landscape. In addition, I was taught how to cave, monitor bats, decontaminate for White-nose Syndrome, control invasive species, educate park guests, and more. In 2019 I was an intern for the USDA National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory in West Lafayette where I performed independent studies on atrazine and heavy metal adsorption using bio-char. I know I can contribute to science in many ways and in any of the four languages I speak (English, Spanish, German and Urdu). I am focused on having a career where I can develop valuable networking opportunities and the pride in serving our nation and our people. I’m looking forward to a spectacular summer with the Mosaics in Science program. Here’s to round two!