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  • I am an undergraduate college freshman at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, working toward a degree in Biological Sciences. Having lived in Alaska my entire life, I have grown up aware of the impacts of climate change on the state and am interested in studying these effects to help develop plans to counter their impacts. In 2019 I was an intern at the Murie Science and Learning Center Denali National Park and Preserve. There, I processed bird eggs for determining embryonic stage and tested for heavy metal and organic contaminants. The National Park Service has offered me opportunities to be a volunteer as a small mammal volunteer and in the Snowshoe hare Ecology project. It is where I learned to wrangle and pit tagging voles caught in the live traps, to backpack and complete small mammal population surveys. I have camped at the beautiful Marion Creek Campground and visited sites around Coldfoot, Alaska. In the future, I would like to conduct research in biology and ecology addressing the impacts of climate change on humans, wildlife and the environment. In addition to providing me with experience working in the field, the Mosaics in Science internship will also expand my ability for field work and process data, as well as hone my ability to communicate science to the public.