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    Crystal Gailes has been working for the National Park Service since May 1999.  She was hired as a student employee and converted to a permanent position when she graduated from the University of Virginia in 2002. 

    Upon graduating, Crystal began working as a Human Resources (HR) Assistant and went on to become an HR Specialist.  She currently serves as an HR Specialist at the Washington Office, under the Office of Policy and Strategic Initiatives in the Workforce and Inclusion Directorate.  In this capacity, her areas of focus include providing technical advice on various HR matters and Human Capital Initiatives and developing HR policy.  Crystal serves as the NPS point of contact for a number of HR program areas, including Career Pathing, the NPS Pathways Programs, and co-lead on Public Lands Corps guidance.

    Crystal has worked with the National Park Service in the Washington DC metropolitan area throughout her entire career and takes great pleasure in being a part of an organization that maintains a sense of appreciation for the past and the future in a way that preserves one in order to enhance the other.