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  • I am currently a junior attending Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri where I am majoring in Agricultural Science with an emphasis in Agricultural Business and minoring in Photography. I have worked at the Truman State University Greenhouse since 2018. I cared for experimental, tropical, and main room plants and soil plot displays as well as propagating herbaceous and non-herbaceous plants by division and cuttings (leaf and stem) and creating and maintaining propagation bins. An interesting feature of my job included photographing and cataloguing plants and collection specimens. My experience with photography stems from working at the Truman Media Network/The Index Newspaper Photographer as a photographer and as a recognized News Editor and Political Columnist by winning the All-Missouri Feature Writing Award in 2016. After I finish my undergraduate studies, I would like to do field work as a conservation photographer and also work in wildlife and natural resources management.I have always been touched by photographs of beautiful places and creatures, and it is my hope that through my own photographs I can help more people become passionate about nature and its conservation.