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  • I am originally from Puerto Rico and graduated from Purdue University in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences with a minor in Wildlife Sciences in 2020. For this, I have focused on obtaining experiences like studying abroad at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand where I learned about Marine Biology, Animal Physiology and Geology. As an Aquatic Ecology Research Laboratory, I developed data collecting skills by performing necropsies on channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) and classified the aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates found in the catfish stomachs using a stereoscope. I was also an intern at the Sensory Ecology Laboratory in Statesboro, Georgia where I expanded my knowledge of saltwater husbandry by maintaining feeding schedules and water chemistry for whitespotted bamboo sharks among others. While a student in The School for Field Studies, Center for Sustainable Development in Costa Rica, I applied sustainable research techniques and strategies through field work in the Monteverde Cloud Forest and investigated the feeding habits of hummingbirds in tourist prone areas for species conservation purposes. My long-term career plan is to become a coral reef ecologist and work in conservation and restoration work.